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I posted this on the mesageboard but just in case some of you dont read it..

They didn't have a setlist for me to grab so I tried to type it in my sidekick as I went. Eventually, I forgot to keep up with it but they played quite a few new songs. They opened with Ex On Prom which surprised me but, since they were headlining and a lot of people were there for The Hush Sound, it at least let the people that only knew that one song hear that song. I was glad too, a few people left after it and they weren't there talking through every other song.

I know they played a new one called The Words We Say and another I didn't know the name of. Off the new cd they also played Buttoned Down, the Miracle That Never Came, and Soon We Will Be Living In The Future. As far as the first cd and the ep, they of course played Hands In The Sky along with It Never Gets Easier, Mistakes We Knew We Were Making, Its For The Best, Sympathy For The Martyr, Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs, and Your Name Here was the encore.

After the show, I spoke with Jeff, Michelle, and Shaun and Michelle told me that as far as who headlines (as I said before Straylight Run headlined this show) flip flops each night unless one band has played the area more than the other. which I think is why Straylight headlined here vs The Hush Sound, I think THS has only been around the NC area three other times where as Straylights been here 7+.

All in all I think it really comes down to drawing straws when they get there. An interesting thing I noticed is that they are once again in a bus. I am pretty sure that has to do with them signing again because on their tour with Kevin Devine/Street To Nowhere they had gone back to a van. And I understand that labels usually pay for busses.

I've got pictures and video (including three minute clips of the two new songs) that I will upload soon it just takes a while to get huge clips up on YouTube, you know how it is.
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