Angie (drunkprincessz) wrote in straylight_run,

Is anyone going to any of the upcoming Straylight Run shows where Kevin Devine will be opening?

(Okay, this only vaguely relates to straylight run so I apologize)

I have a huge favor to ask! If anyone is going to any of the upcoming shows, if you could somehow record Kevin's set you'd be awesome! I talked with him at the show with straylight run tonight and my friends and I mentioned that he should have had John Nolan come out and sing Cotton Crush with him, and he said it was a pretty good idea and he'd ask John about it! So if John Nolan actually sings with Kevin it'd be a pretty awesome thing to have recorded (I only wish someone had thought to suggest it to Kevin before tonight's show!)

Also, Straylight Run was the most energetic i've ever seen them on stage tonight. They did a fantastic job and played four new songs off of their upcoming album!
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