cait (ulookbored) wrote in straylight_run,


I just joined.. one for my love of straylight run and two kind of a promotion for my friend.

My friend is a film major and and he had to do a movie as an assignment.
he needed a mother and a father type so he put an add in the paper and a woman called for the mother. when they met up he found out her name was Linda Nolan.. thinking what we would all think it's a common name. reading over her resume it said I have sung back up for my son and daughters band. And he asked her your son and daughter wouldn't happen to be John and Michelle? and she said yes and he told her that he was a fan of their stuff and so on and so forth. I thought if anyone was interested they wanted to see the movie, I mean this has nothing really to do with the band itself i just thought it was so cool.

his myspace is
the name of the movie that she was in was The Reflecting God. It's a really good film and check out the other ones he has up.
Also he couldn't pay her but she understood that he was a student and did the film anyway.

if this is stupid feel free to delete it.

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